ZIPANG QUEST #1 Zipang WarsEdit

Zipang Wars 1
  1. Wrong Identity
  2. Jikai
  3. Homura
  4. Jikai VS Homura
  5. Kotowari


  • Jikai and Homura can be obtained.
  • "Kotowari" features a hard boss, taking the stairs is an alternative way to get through this quest.

ZIPANG QUEST #2 In the Flames of WarEdit

Zipang Wars 2
  1. Gauntlet
  2. Kinugasa
  3. North


  • Kinugasa can be obtained from "Kinugasa".

ZIPANG QUEST #3 Dark SecretsEdit

Zipang Wars 3
  1. Himiko
  2. A Trap
  3. Assault


  • Himiko can be obtained from "A Trap".

ZIPANG QUEST #4 Final BattleEdit

Zipang Wars 4
  1. East Gate
  2. West Gate
  3. South Gate
  4. North Gate
  5. Crushed Ambition


  • Kotowari can be obtained from "Crushed Ambition".

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