Featured units can be obtained from Medium or Hard, Medium gives the units from the right, whereas Hard gives the left units in the event flag.

(Beginner) challenge conditions :

  • Copper - Defeat 3 or more enemies!
  • Silver - Clear with 10 or more souls!
  • Gold - Clear without continuing!

(Easy) challenge conditions :

  • Copper - Clear without continuing!
  • Silver - Defeat 5 or more enemies!
  • Gold - Clear with 15 or more souls!

(Medium) challenge conditions :

  • Copper -
  • Silver -
  • Gold -

(Hard) challenge conditions :

  • Copper - Defeat 15 or more enemies!
  • Silver - Clear with all Water units!
  • Gold - Clear with all Rarity 4 units!

-loots : Izanagi 0code-0157



partyskill:(blade support):increases the rate of occurence of cut-in attacks by 2%(stackable)

activeskill:(flame arrow III (4 souls):lances a fire attack of about 150% ATK.

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