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Welcome to the Road to Dragons (English) Wiki

The official English Wiki for Road to Dragons by Acquire. Global release on March 19, 2015!

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A world in which people fight dragons...
Over thousands of years, people battled bravely against throngs of dragons, making great sacrifices.
As the battle entered its seventh round, the people were finally even with the dragons.

But it was then that the Great Disaster struck the world…

An army of Giant Gorger Dragons, the true enemy of this world, came and devoured all, destroying everything in its path!

And the world was left in darkness. 17 years have passed since...

According to a magic tome, a Chosen One exists who shall summon the heroes to serve him.
When the Chosen One awakens in the kingdom's capital, the time will have come for this story to begin….

The Units

The units in RTD have Fire, Water, Light, Dark, or Neutral attributes. Units with the same type can increase the experience gained while level evolution occurs. Level evolution also has a higher likelihood of being a "Huge success" while using other units with the same attribute/type, and increasing the amount of units used.

Evolutions occur when a unit has reaches its highest current available level, the player has enough money, and has other units (usually spirits) to use for Mega Fusion. Once the player has used their units for Level-up Fusion, Evolution or Mega Fusion the units used for the base unit (the one receiving the evolution), the secondary units disappear.

Unit List
001-100 101-200 201-300 301-400
401-500 501-600 601-700 701-800
801-900 901-1000 1001-1100 1101-1200

Game Trailer
Road to Dragons (RTD) Game Trailer

Road to Dragons (RTD) Game Trailer

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