Road to Dragons has a lot of content and it is not very obvious how a new player should progress. This guide provides good goals for the first few weeks of play.

The Main Characters

At the start of the game, the player is asked to select one of four main characters, 1001 Glen, 1004 Livio, 1007 Saya or 1010 Elphi. All are good units. It doesn't really matter which one you choose. Just pick the one you like. However you will not have a chance to earn the other 3 later in the game. If you can’t decide, Elphi is considered most useful because of her limit skill 1. Her healing ability is effective against strong enemies. 

The Rare Crane

During the tutorial, you will draw 1 Rare Crane Game. 1 Rare Crane costs 5 Rainbow Crystals. See upper right corner of the screen, you will see a star colored in rainbow and a number. After the tutorial Rare Crane, you have 13 Rainbow Crystals left. Draw 2 more. There are over 1,000 units in this game. All are useful in some way because in this game, synergy of units is important. However, there are units that are easy for the beginners. Try to aim the units with limit skills or panel converter. They can’t go wrong as a starter unit. Don't worry too much which unit to start.  

*The starting pull will be influenced by Rare Crane Game currently going on. Please reference the Rare Crane Game notice on the Facebook to see what unit you're more likely to get. Keep an eye out for “5 GODS” for an example.

The Reroll

The reroll is not mandatory but here is a link how to reroll.

Repeatedly rerolling is a boring and soul-crushing task. You may want to just jump into the game to get a taste for it, then reroll later if you feel it is necessary.

Important Tips

In particular, do not throw away any units you can only get from the Rare Crane. Acquire is constantly updating old units with awakenings and evolution, so something that is trash one day may become top-tier the next. If you get duplicate you can make them into accessories.

Immediately "Favorite" all of your important units! This will keep you from accidentally selling or fusing them. When you tap a unit from the Unit List in the Units menu, you will see a Favorite button.. Tap it again if you wish to unfavorite it.


Start a questEdit

There are two quest areas. The normal quest area and event quest area. The map you see here is the normal quest area. To go to the event quest area, tap the icon on the lower right corner.But for now, let’s play the normal quests first. Tap Hylia Plains icon and you will see list of quests. Then you will be asked to choose a helper. You will borrow other player’s unit. Each time you complete a normal quest area which consist of several quests, you will get a Rainbow Crystal as a reward. You will have no problem completing quests with your rare crane draw units. Try to level up them first because they are very strong and useful.

IMG 3584

Enemies sometimes drop a tome. You can hold 5 of them. You are asked to discard one of them. It’s hard to distinguish. Please see the introduction page tome section for details. 


In this case drop the purple tome with sword picture because its rarity is 1.

Rarity 1: Light purple tome

Rarity 2: Two Tone Color Tome

Rarity 3: Angled Stripes Tome

Rarity 4: Silver Tome

Rarity 5: Gold Tome

Rarity 6: Sky Blue with Rainbow Stripes Tome

When your box is full you’ll see “Unit Limit Exceeded” notice. This appears when your unit box is full. You have 3 options. You can expand your unit box slot by 5 using 1 Rainbow Crystal. Tap shop bar on the lower corner of the screen and chose “Expand Unit Box” to do so. Second option is Fusion. 

IMG 3617
IMG 3618

You can use any unit to fuse your character you with to level up. Units used here is called Spirits .Choose the base unit first and then choose units to fuse. There are six slots. Here, I use super bad spirit. It is the black one in the lower right corner. If you add this your fusion will be "Mega Success" which means you get triple EXP. 170,000 EXP turns to 510,000. You should save this super bad spirit when you have rarity 6 spirits to fuse. Rarity 6 spirits give you 30,000 EXP each. 

Evolution Fusion

What will you have to do when unit reach its max level? Evolve it to higher rarity. Tap unit bar unit. It is the second one from your left. Then choose Evolution Fusion bar. You’ll see lists of units. Selectable units are evolvable units. Select the one you with to evolve. However, if the selected unit didn’t reach its max level, you can’t evolve it. You can either go to quets to earn EXP or try level up fusion to raise your unit level.  For example, the units you see here are not evolvable. Rarity 5 units max level is 50 and Rarity 6 max level is 80. Although there are a few exceptions.

IMG 3621

IMG 3620
So, Let's try to evolve Matilda here. She has reached her Rarity 5 max level which is 50. So selecet her as a Base Unit. Then you need to fill 4 slots for Material Unit. You need enough Evolution Points to evolve Matilda. You need 800 EV Pts. 

If you have Spirits for fusion that is the easy way. See Spirits for details for their EV Pts. If you don’t have those spirits, farm Rarity 3 units. Level up to 33, you will get around 200 EV Pts.

Sakura is good unit for Evolution material. You can farm her at Ulnas Peak Quest Area which is the third quest area of South Luonne . Select the quest called Raging Dragon Roar. Sakura drops from the boss 100%. Level up her more than level 33, she will worth more than 200 Evo Pts. If you have 4 Sakura, it is enough to evolve Matilda to Rarity 6.  Later on when you have to work on awakening of the unit, you will need more than 1000 Evo Pts. Because the slot number you can use is limited to four you will have to use units with high Evo Pts. Use Spirits that worth 1,000 Evo Pts for that. 

Sell Units

The third thing you want to do is to sell the units. Sell those 3 spirits to gain gold, Silver Spirit (Sell) , Gold Spirit (Sell) , and Heaven Spirit (Sell) . There is a coin symbol on your upper right hand corner. That shows your gold. You need gold for fusions. Especially for Mega Fusion that is going to be mentioned later in this article. Also Converting into the accessories will cost you gold. You won't be lack of gold by level up fusions and Evolutin fusions.

Normal Crane GameEdit

You get friend points when you play quests and other players choose your leader unit as a helper. If you have enough friend points, try Normal Crane Game. Tap Summon on the bottom bar that looks like a book. Then tap Normal Crane Game bar. The number you see is the times you can play the game. You can choose 1 try or 10 tires. 10 tries is better since you can save time and you get something extra. Check your present box, you get stamina spirit. By selling stamina spirit, you recover 1 stamina. Since you need STA to play the quests, it could be a little help.

IMG 3624

Check what you get from the Normal Crane Game. You should sell the unit with green circle and unit with red circle is good for evolution fusion material. Rest of them are for leveling up fusions. 

Log in Bonus

You get present everyday for logging in. Don't forget to log in everyday if you can. Road to Dragon operates according to the Pacific Standard Time or Pacific Daylight Saving Time during the summer. After 0:00(PST) is considered to be a new day and you will get new log in bonus. 

IMG 3644

You will see this screen the first time you log in after 0:00(PST). You can also see this by tapping the leader icon on the upper left side of the screen. Where are the present you got everyday? Let's collect it. 

IMG 3646
Tap "Other" on the bottom bar first. Then Tap View Presents. 
IMG 3647

Then tap "View". You have to "Accept" each time you get presents.This Rain Spirit give you 1,000 EXP. 

Event AreaEdit

Now that you know the basic system of the Road to Dragons, let’s continue playing Normal Quests and collect Rainbow Crystals. If you feel like doing something else, check event area. There are various events going on there. Some event quests are hard for new players. Beginner’s quest and Rare Zone are recommended for new players.

Beginners quest

Beginners quests

Beginner's quests are open especially for player rank 29 and below. As soon as you reach 30, this quest vanishes.You gain more EXP and PP in this Beginners Quests. You can check your rank on upper right hand of the screen. PP is earned when you clear quests. Each quest has its own PP. When you reach enough PP, you rank up. What is the benefit of high rank? You get more stamina to play the quests. When you rank up your max stamina increase by 1. Since when you are out of stamina, you can’t play the quest anymore it is better if you have bigger max stamina. 1 stamina is restored every five minutes. 


Beginners Quests give you high PP, therefore you won't run out of stamina. You can go Straight up to Rank 30 if you keep playing it. I recommend to play the “Rare Zone” and “Beginners Quest” back and forth depending on the PP bar. Your stamina will be fully recovered when you rank up. If your PP bar is about to be full play “Rare Zone” instead because if requires higher stamina and gives you lower PP than Beginners Quest. When you rank up and stamina is fully recovered you can rack up PP playing beginners quests again. There are five quests and you get clear rewards each time you clear it for the first time. See here for obtainable units in Beginners Quests

Rare Zone

IMG 3671
Check Rare Zone everyday to see what unit is featured for the day. It changes daily so after 0:00(PST) check to see what is on. You should try to aim for Natal and Cthulu for sure. There are 3 difficulties in Rare Zone. Hard mode is not very difficult but if you have just started the game it is safe to start with easy mode. The rare unit drops from all difficulties. It’s pure RNG so you might be lucky to get it first try or won’t get it after 50 tries.

Natal : Spear panel converter

Cthulu : Party Skill: Ups max Hp of the party, Active Skill: Immensely cuts damage from current enemy.  Le Fey: Reduces 60% dmg from Light enemies.

Ideia: Reduces 60% dmg from Water enemies.

Yurika: Reduces 60% dmg from Dark enemies.

Velvet: Reduces 60% dmg from Fire enemies.

Accessories When you reach Rank 30, a quest called "A New Awakening" opens in the Event Area. You can start to make accessories after completing this quest. See Accessories for more detail. See how to make accessories for procedures. 

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