June Bride Quest #1Edit

Prince of Fire
  1. Fiery Passions
  2. Hotter!
  3. Inferno Dragon
  4. To the Princess!

Notes: Blazon can be obtained from "To the Princess!" and "Fiery Passions".
Challenge Rewards:

  • Blaze Spirit
  • Blaze Spirit
  • Blaze Spirit
  • Sun Spirit

June Bride Quest #2Edit

Prince of Ice
  1. Cool Desires
  2. Colder...
  3. Crystal Dragon
  4. To the Princess

Notes: Eisover can be obtained from "To the Princess".
Challenge Rewards:

  • Liquid Spirit
  • Liquid Spirit
  • Liquid Spirit
  • Rain Spirit

June Bride Quest #3Edit

Bride of Fire & Ice
  1. Bride of Fire and Ice
  2. Fight Blazon!
  3. Fight Eisover!
  4. Last One Left
  5. Living For Love
  6. LOVE LOVE 120%


Blazon can be obtained from "Fight Blazon!".
Eisover can be obtained from "Fight Eisover!".
Iverie can be obtained from "Living For Love" and "LOVE LOVE 120%".

Challenge Rewards:

  • Liquid Spirit(s)
  • Blaze Spirit(s)
  • Evil Spirit(s)
  • Super Evil Spirit(s)
  • Sun Spirit
  • Rain Spirit

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