Party Formation Edit

Mono weapon team party Edit

A. Mono Sword Team Party

Sword units are high in HP and AT but very low RE. First you need sword panel converters. There are only two units with the active skill to convert all panels into swords, Jeanne and Dormia. Those two are highly recommended. However there are some units with not complete but Sword panel converters.

Must have: Jeanne (AS Unlimited Sword), Dormia (AS Spirit Sword) 

Recommended: Nyte, ,Karen , Britney , Fuma

  1. Britney’s Active Skill: Infinity Sword(Soul 2): Changes Spear and Heart panels into Sword panels.
  2. Nyte’s Panel Skill: Using Special Panel turns top 4 panels into Sword panels.
  3. Karen’s Limit Skill: Level 1: Changes Bow panels into Sword. Level 2: Changes Bow and Heart panels into Sword. Level 3: Changes all panels into Sword.
  4. Fuma’s Limit Skill: Lv1: Changes Heart panels into Swords Lv2: Hit enemy with 300,000 ATK and cuts DEF by 50% Lv3: Change all panels into Swords and restores every panel used. (1 turn only)

Secondly, you want to boost your damage per panel. There are certain conditions or disadvantages for ATK boost. LuciusRiellaOrcan, Rhinoss are recommended. There are some disadvantage or conditions for ATK boost. Riella ups damage massively but she also gets +50% enemy damage. Rhinoss ups sword unit damage only when HP is full. Orcan ups Sword damage only when party HP at 70% or less. It is important to choose units according to quests.

Lucius's Limit Skil Level 3: Triples number of attacks for Sword units. (1 turn after use)

Riella’s Party Skill: Supremacy III: +50% enemy damage; ups chain ATK; massively ups damage (Stack: N)

Orcan’s Party Skill: Sword Crisis III:  +40% Sword damage when party HP at 70% or less. (Stack: N)

Rhinoss’s Party Skill: Mighty Blade I: +20% Sword unit damage HP is full. (Stack: N)

Here are other recommended units of mono swords team. 

ATK: V, Cypher, Orcus, Roar, Zeke, Schneider, Levia, Gilgamesh, Dione, Fenris

HP: Cthu , Telul , Dora, Jett , Seyfried , Valtols , Artorius

Soul: Siam, Sekito, Shogun, Hakuhi, Blu, Dilal, Vlad, Jett, Rindo, Shultz, Gibbs, Dione

Others: Avia , Kojiro , Kokol , Homura , Type Zero

B. Mono Spear Weapon Party

Spear is very high in ATK but low in HP. REC is medium. Raise ATK as much as possible and defeat the enemy before it hits you. This party is very popular since you can obtain panel converter Natal from Daily Rare Unit Area, 

Must Have: Natal(Unlimited Spear) , Elkia(Spirit Lance)

Recomended: Natal, Blazing Heart, Neun(Miracle Chain), Marciella (Panel Slash), Aila(Synergy, Infinity Spear), Halul (Row of Spears), Lloyd(Spear God), 

ATK: Giusse, Wilhelm, Ophelia, Six, Woodpecker. Julien, 

HP: Jetterman, Adam. Vesper, Alicia

Soul: Oswald, Porun, 


C Mono Bow Weapon Party

Bow is balanced in HP, ATK, REC. 

Must have: Matilda, Vell

Vell is great for high ATK and Matilda is great for Soul Hunt.

Recommended: Isuzu

Get Amagi, Mayu and Liveia at Rare Unit Zone. Matilda’s quest once held so there is a great chance that it will open again. 

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