IMG 3629
First choose unit tab on the bottom bar. Then Choose Accessories bar. 

IMG 3630
First you want to convert unit into accessories so choose that.

IMG 3627

You will see your list of your units with accessories option. You can't convert unit you favorited or one in your 5 member party setups. That is why one Matilda is selectable and the other is not. 

Here, let's make Homemade Riceball . 5 star Ayame's accessory is very useful. You can see the detail of the accessory of the unit you select on the lower part of the screen. If you like it, then tap Convert. 

IMG 3628

Tap convert again. You need 150,000 gold. 

Now, let's equip the accessory you just made!

IMG 3630

Get back to Accessory menu and choose Equip Accessory

OK. Let's choose the unit you wish to equip the accessory and tap it.

IMG 3638

IMG 9249

There are six slots. You can equip up to 6 accessories. Tap "Equip".

IMG 3641

Select the Riceball and tap "Equip" then tap "View".

IMG 3642

Now, Homemade Riceball is Successfully equipped to Natal, Blazing Heart. If you wish to remove it you can do so from this page or go to Accessories menu View All.


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