An alchemist serving the kingdom, Nicola created new soul sacrificing his wife, child, and even part of his soul. This became Cthulu.

Cthulu ate whole soul of Nicola’s friend Faust took over Faust’s body. Cthulu killed Nicola and eat hundreds of villagers. 

Faust’s sister Meril sacrificed her life to conquer Cthulu. 

Cthulu survived and decades later, it took over older sister of the beautiful sister.

Then it ate several thousands of dragons and souls and got enormous power.  

Liveia, younger of the beautiful sisters formed hunting troops and hunted down Cthulu.

Nobody except for Mary survived.

Mary named remain body with unstable soul “Velvet ”. Mary and Idea hide themselves in the Holy Land. Holy Land was created by Mary. 

Nobody really knows who Zetterman is.

There only remains a song about him,

The headship of Apollos family moved to distant relative after Frau disappeared.

Karl wrote many books about this era. His last book was “Alice’s Story” which was about his own daughter. However, the original book was lost.

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