Age of Light, despite its glorious name it was a chaotic era before the Age of Dark.

Dragons has destroyed the world again and again. In this era people lost the boundaries of justice and evil.

Alain fought for the citizens. He eventually killed himself with his holy sword. He was always questioning himself what is justice.

Holy Land stopped time for about thousand years. However Holy Land eventually collapsed when Cthulu took over Loretta’s body.

Ideia the Queen of Holy Land was killed by Cthulu and her conspirators. Holy Land collapsed down to the ground. It was reported many died because of this. We don’t know how many survived.

Edward Apollos studied alchemy. Alchemy in which you use your own or other person's soul.

Yet, he couldn't define "Soul" and "Mind".

Eleonora had children with Edwards. Eleonora disappeared with her children from Edwards because she didn’t want to bother him. Edwards remained unmarried after that. That was the end of Apollos bloodline.

Mayu Hojo was said that she was from the future. No records about it so nobody knows for sure.

Rosa’s true name is Rosalie. Her tomes were badly overwritten.

Rosalie studied Magic Technology and she made quite accomplishments.

She did it to help people. Not as it was written in her tome.

A year later Michael got the throne. During coronation ceremony Michael was shot by Alphonse. Alphonse also got shot by a solider.

Alphonse and Rosalie’s daughter was caught.

Age of Light was destroyed. And now the Age of Dark begins. 

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