Age of Fire comes right after the Age of Nothing. Technology grew in this era. It was this era that human beings with not right soul were born. A lot of them were considered to be failures.

Fenris was considered to be one of those failures. Fenris and Grimdore fight for thousands of years. They eventually vanished into the woods. A few years later, two kids who seemed to be therianthrope kind came out from the woods.

Rachael was Alchemist. Together with Liselotte, they invented how to use alchemy in battles. However, what they didn’t know was that they were using their souls when they do. Rachael and Liselotte died young due to too much use of souls. 

Phyllis also died young using souls in battles. She supported orphanage and there was Alicia in that orphanage. Alicia was considered Heroine of the Age of Fire.  

Perpetual Valley was created in this era. Apollos family originates in this era.   

Rabby, Aaron, and Carrol kept promise they made with Anastasia. They gathered again formedCrimson Gravediggers” and fought bravely. 

Age of Fire was over when dragons destroyed it but overall it was a peaceful era. People unite together to fight against dragons. 

Age of Water followed Age of Fire. The world becomes more chaotic in the Age of Water. 

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