Unit DataEdit

Number 962
Rarity *****
Weapon Rod
Element Water
Maximum Grade 50
Maximum Experience
Evolution Points Value
Evolution Kopi the Dreamy Beast
LV 1 Ability LV

50 Ability

HP 1350 7259
Attack 1350 3703
Resilience 1400 12469


Learning LV Consumption Skill Name Effect
Party Skill Prism Spear I Deals 10,000 damage to enemy if Spear panel used. (Not stackable)
Panel Skill Perfect Shield SP lowers next enemy damage by 35% per panel. (Not stackable)

12469History and TriviaEdit

Kopi lives in his dreams, fulfilling various duties before waking up. The reason he has been asleep for 300 years is that he has been busy protecting the Dream Fairies, who have come under attack by evil dream-devouring dragons.

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