After his morning shift treating children, Ren treats the girl he found near the bear-cat hair clip he picked up in the woods. Her eyes are lost, her mouth silent, and her memory probably gone. The wind blows her red hair, and he whispers her name.

Number 961 Name Ren, Drifter Medic
Rarity ****** Weapon Rod Element Fire
Initial HP 1750 Initial AT 2100 Initial RE 2100
Maximum HP 10551 Maximum AT 6171 Maximum RE 21705
Maximum Lv 80 Maximum Exp 4465125
Party Skill Double Blast IV: Increases the rate of occurrence of Extra Attack by 16%. (Stackable)
Active Skill Twin Rod I: Doubles number of attacks for Rod units. (1 turn)
Evolution From Ren
Evolution After
Evolution Cost

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