History and TriviaEdit

The king stared into the maw of the dragon. Around him lay the bodies of his 20 guards. But then, with the swish of a sword, the dragon's head flew into the air. The 13-year-old king gazed in awe at Ophelia, youngest ever Royal Knights Commander.

Unit DataEdit

Number 950 Name Ophelia
Rarity ***** Weapon Spear Element Light
Initial HP 800 Initial AT 1650 Initial RE 800
Maximum HP 3072 Maximum AT 13510 Maximum RE 3342
Maximum Lv 50 Maximum Exp
Party Skill Life & Assault I: Increases party's Max HP and AT by 10%. (Cannot stack with identical skill)
Active Skill Neo Guard (Souls: 1): Unbelievably reduces damage from current enemy. (Not stackable; 1 use)
Evolution From None
Evolution After Knight Queen Ophelia
Evolution Cost 800

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