Unit DataEdit

Number 920
Rarity ★★★★★
Weapon Rod
Element Light
Maximum Grade 50
Maximum Experience
Evolution Points Value
Evolution Grail Mother Charis (800 EVO PT)
LV 1 Ability LV 50 Ability
HP 1200 6452
Attack 1400 3841
Resilience 1300 11578


Learning LV Consumption Skill Name Effect
Party Skill SP Booster Raises Special panel chance(if it isn't 0). (Not stackable)
Panel Skill Blessings 1 SP: +1Soul. 2 SP: Fully restores HP.

History and TriviaEdit

The Ancients live in the Eastern Realm, but Charis (Lilith's "other") lived in the West, and appears often in Western books. She no longer exists, having been killed by the other Ancients for loving a human king and offering him her Holy Grail.

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