Orcan despaired at the new Dons--each one a hardened criminal who signaled a harder turn to criminality. He received even more bad news: His old friend, the chief of the Razorjaws, had been attacked and killed. He suspected a conspiracy.

Number 919 Name Orcan the Way of the Honor
Rarity ****** Weapon Sword Element Water
Initial HP 2800 Initial AT 2200 Initial RE 1200
Maximum HP 20204 Maximum AT 15875 Maximum RE 4220
Maximum Lv 80 Maximum Exp ???
Party Skill Sword Crisis III: ]+40% Sword damage when party HP at 70% or less. (Stack: N)
Panel Skill Readiness: Using SP raises party ATK slightly.(Stack: N)
Evolution From 918 Orcan
Evolution After
Evolution Cost

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