History and TriviaEdit

Lloyd was set for a life in the clergy, even before he was born. All his life, he was taught that there was one god, and that all mortals who proclaimed themselves as such were his enemies. In this, Lloyd was more devout than anyone else.

Unit DataEdit

Number 867 Name Lloyd
Rarity ***** Weapon Spear Element Light
Initial HP 700 Initial AT 1850 Initial RE 1000
Maximum HP Maximum AT Maximum RE
Maximum Lv 50 Maximum Exp
Party Skill Spear God I: Spear unit deal 110% damage when HP is at Max. (Not stackable)
Active Skill Neo Boost I (Souls: 1): Greatly increases user's ATK in current battle. (1 use)
Evolution From None
Evolution After The Radical Lloyd
Evolution Cost 800

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