History and TriviaEdit

At the bottom of the sea live the Zoya. Young Zoya are protected by shells made of the carcasses of other creatures and feed only on the dead. Many die young from falling into deep trenches, unwittingly climbing the shore, or starvation.

Unit DataEdit

Number 851 Name Zoya
Rarity ***** Weapon Rod Element Water
Initial HP 1150 Initial AT 1600 Initial RE 1100
Maximum HP 6183 Maximum AT 4389 Maximum RE 9797
Maximum Lv 50 Maximum Exp 1,253,088
Party Skill Berserk I: Slightly raises party AT per attack (to a limit). (Not stackable)
Panel Skill Alteration: Using SP restores HP or adds Souls or elemental bonus.
Evolution From None
Evolution After Deep Sea Zoya
Evolution Cost 800

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