Specie: Rainbow Empress

The Rainbow Empress: a butterfly so rare, only 20 sightings have been confirmed around the world. I guess that means this rabble of Rainbow Empresses burning before me are the last of their kind.

Unit Data Edit

Number 0841 Name Blu
Rarity ★★★★★ Weapon Sword Element Water
Initial HP 1900 Initial AT 1500 Initial RE 900
Maximum HP 12088 Maximum AT 9861 Maximum RE 2921
Maximum Lv 50 Maximum Exp 1,253,087
Party Skill Double Blast I: +10% chance of follow-up. (Stack: Y)
Max Party Skill Double Blast III: +14% chance of follow-up. (Stack: Y)
Panel Skill Flooding Dance: Using SP raises Water unit ATK for 5 turns. (Stack: Y)
Evolution From None
Evolution After Blu, Collector
Evolution Cost 800
Deadly Honey: The nectar can get any living being drunk. +100 HP & ATK & REC, Insane boost vs. Fire enemies.

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