Unit DataEdit

Number 801
Rarity *****
Weapon Rod
Element Fire
Maximum Grade 50
Maximum Experience
Evolution Points Value
Evolution Paprika the Scarlet Spider
LV 1 Ability LV 50 Ability
HP 1300 6990
Attack 1250 3429
Resilience 1350 12024


Learning LV Consumption Skill Name Effect
Party Skill Reflect I Deals 8,000 damage to enemywhen it attacks. (Stackable)
Active Skill Neo Guard Unbelievably reduces damage from current enemy. (Not stackable ; 1 use)

History and TriviaEdit

A spider lived in the Hall of Forbidden Tomes. It spent its days reading books that made it recall its past as a human. It kept a diary of these memories with its thread; this eventually became the Book of Magic that gave birth to Paprika.

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