791 King of Weapons Foster (1)

Unit DataEdit

Number 791
Rarity ★★★★★★
Weapon Bow
Element Fire
Maximum Grade 99
Maximum Experience
Evolution Points Value
Evolution None
LV 1 Ability LV 99 Ability
HP 10479
Attack 10198
Recovery 7784


Learning LV Consumption Skill Name Effect
Party Skill - Soul Master+ Increases number of souls at start of quest by 8. (Stackable)
Active Skill 2 Nova Absorb Cuts current enemy HP by about 75%. (Bosses: No; 3 uses)

History and TriviaEdit

Foster wanted to free the world from the tyranny of dragons. So, he invernted weapons to help people combat them. Many dragons were slain with these tools, but so were any humans. People began to fear the weapons and called Foster a demon.

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