History and TriviaEdit

Winds ensured the Middle never stayed in one spot, which was why it had never been invaded--until the day the wind died. As Serena watched the four islands around Centras begin to fall towards the earth, she heard an odd catlike laugh.

Unit Data Edit

601 Archer of Speed Serena (1)
Number 0601 Name Serena the Archer of Speed
Rarity ****** Weapon Bow Element Light
Initial HP 2000 Initial AT 2050 Initial RE 1500
Maximum HP Maximum AT Maximum RE
Maximum Lv 80 Maximum Exp
Party Skill Synergy III: Great ATK boost for party with Light + Fire + Water. (Stack: N)
Active Skill Flash of Light: Using SP deals 50,000 damage. (Stack: Y)
Evolution From Serena
Evolution After None
Evolution Cost None
Lightspeed Arrow+: Yes it was devoured and scattered away. +700 HP & REC, -150 ATK.

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