Unit DataEdit

Number 419
Rarity *****
Weapon Spear
Element Dark
Maximum Grade 50
Maximum Experience
Evolution Points Value
LV 1 Ability LV 50 Ability
HP 950 3648
Attack 1850 15148
Resilience 950 3969
Learning LV Consumption Skill Name Effect
Party Skill Soul Hunt I Offers a 5% chance that attacks will also acquire 1 soul. (Not stackable)
Active Skill Perfect Element Adds 10 points to each unit's elemental bonus (up to 10).


History and TriviaEdit

Loki researched the Soul Chamber in Babel. Examining souls harvested by apostles and those naturally consumed, he saw that purified souls returned to the world. Whether they ended up in humans or something else depended on the will of the Creator.

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