Story Edit

[Lost Records of a Nameless Knight]

The knight faced off against the dragon even as his allies lay dead around him. His hands shook as he gripped his blade. Win, live, flee, or beg - whatever the choice, the massive dragon was unlikely to accept it.

Unit Data Edit

Number 0391 Name Fire Ghost
Rarity Weapon Sword Element Fire
Initial HP 1050 Initial AT 850 Initial RE 450
Maximum HP 3355 Maximum AT 2716 Maximum RE 942
Maximum Lv 15 Maximum Exp 10685
Party Skill Blue Recovery I: +5,000 HP when Water enemy defeated. (Stack: Y)
Active Skill Acute I(Souls: 3): Slightly more damage from hitting current enemy weakness. (Stack: N)
Evolution From None
Evolution After Fire Wraith
Evolution Cost 40

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