Number 390 Name Bonny the Witch
Rarity **** Weapon Rod Element Fire
Initial HP 1050 Initial AT 1100 Initial RE 1550
Maximum HP 5861 Maximum AT 3086 Maximum RE 14494
Maximum Lv 60 Maximum Exp 815,118
Party Skill Life & Assault I: +10% Max HP and ATK for party. (Stack: Other skills only)
Max Party Skill Life & Assault III: +15% Max HP and ATK for party. (Stack: Other skills only)
Active Skill Saintly Cure II: Restores 6000 HP
Max Active Skill Saintly Cure V: Restores 18000 HP
Evolution From Bonny
Evolution After Bonny, Magical Lolita
Evolution Cost 600
Flitting Partner+. Provides outfits and general direction. +500 REC, -300 ATK, Massive boost vs. Water enemies. Cost 100000.

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