History and TriviaEdit

Raised as a female ninja (a kunoichi), Rindo was a highly talented warrior whose skill only increased with age. Despite this, her pride was crushed when a young ninja arrived from a village that had been razed by dragons. His name was Zero.

Unit DataEdit

Number 0375 Name Rindo
Rarity ***** Weapon Sword Element Dark
Initial HP 2200 Initial AT 1450 Initial RE 700
Maximum HP 13997 Maximum AT 9225 Maximum RE 2272
Maximum Lv 50 Maximum Exp
Party Skill Soul Hunt 1: Offers a 5% chance that attacks will also aquire 1 Soul. (Not stackable)
Active Skill Darkness Ball II: Launches Dark attack with ATK of 6,000x Dark units.
Evolution From
Evolution After Rindo the Covert Queen
Evolution Cost

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