Story Edit

Having betrayed her village in an attempt to wipe it out, the villagers realize it's too dangerous for her to remain alive. Having become completely self-aware, she turns on her former comrades and no longer tries to hide her insanity.

Stats Edit

Number 251 Name Botan, Shadowless Blade
Rarity ***** Weapon Sword Element Neutral
Initial HP 1900 Initial AT 1250 Initial RE 800
Maximum HP ??? Maximum AT ??? Maximum RE ???
Maximum Lv ??? Maximum Exp ???
Party Skill Water Eater - Party gets Notable boost against Water enemies
Limit Skill N/A
Active Skill Arch Shift Sword (Souls: 4) - Changes Bow panels into Sword panels
Panel Skill N/A
Evolution From 102 Botan, Shadowless Wing
Evolution After N/A
Evolution Cost
Bloody Peony++

Only Botan is able to see this white flower. +600HP, Deadly boost vs. Neutral enemies. Cost: 150,000

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