History and TriviaEdit

18th successor to the throne of the land of Zipang. Amagi's talents and beauty are a match for the First Empress of old, and the people love Amagi too. Proposals come daily from princes across the lands, but there is one issue - Amagi is a man.

Obtainable Edit

  • As a drop in Rare Zone: Elegant Queen (Medium)
    • Defeat a fire enemy

Unit Data Edit

Number 0217 Name Amagi
Rarity ★★★★ Weapon Bow Element Fire
Initial HP 1100 Initial AT 950 Initial RE 900
Maximum HP 4273 Maximum AT 3963 Maximum RE 3496
Maximum Lv 30 Maximum Exp 148,226
Party Skill Level acquired: 10
Max Party Skill Archer Boost: Modestly raises ATK of Bow chains. (Stack: Y)
Active Skill Enhance I (Souls: 3): Slightly raises user ATK in current battle. (Stack: N)
Max Active Skill Enhance III (Souls: 5): Greatly raises user ATK in current battle. (Stack: N)
Evolution From None
Evolution After Amagi the Lustrous Ruler
Evolution Cost 800
Sash of Duality: A sash for bringing out one's femininity. +100 HP & ATK, -300 REC, Notable boost vs. Water enemies.

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