History and TriviaEdit

The ultimate tyrannical mage from the Age of Light. Utilizing a variety of forbidden arts, she could turn people into dragons or resurrect them with mechanical bodies. Driven only by curiosity, it was virtually impossible to stop her.


Unit DataEdit

Number 0150 Name Rosa
Rarity ★★★★ Weapon Rod Element Light
Initial HP 1150 Initial AT 750 Initial RE 1350
Maximum HP 5414 Maximum AT 1900 Maximum RE 10117
Maximum Lv 40 Maximum Exp 458,404
Party Skill Level acquired: 10
Max Party Skill Holy Shield: +20% damage from Light enemies. (Stack: N)
Active Skill Holy Attack II (Souls: 3): Launches a Light attack of 10,000 ATK.
Max Active Skill Holy Attack IV (Souls: 5): Launches a Light attack of 30,000 ATK.
Evolution From None
Evolution After Rosa, Holy Sage
Evolution Cost 640
Miracle Bouquet: Given with some precious words.

+500 REC, -300 ATK, Strong boost vs. Dark enemies.

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