History and Trivia Edit

[D Club 01] A Chevalier's duty is to serve the needs of the maidens who visit the D Club. They must start as Squires and pass a number of grueling tests before they are promoted to Chevalier. Employees may be able to skip this stage if they have an excellent record at another club, or if they have been recommended by a current Chevalier.

Unit Data Edit

Number 1416 Name Rabi, Squire
Rarity **** Weapon Sword Element Fire
Initial HP 2250 Initial AT 1550 Initial RE 750
Maximum HP ??? Maximum AT ??? Maximum RE ???
Maximum Lv 50 Maximum Exp ???
Party Skill Flame Shroud I: +1,000 HP & ATK for Fire units. (Stack: Y)
Active Skill High Defender I (Souls: 3): Slightly cuts damage from current enemy. (Stack: N)
Evolution From
Evolution After
Evolution Cost

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