Aileen's a cyborg dragon killer made from dragon parts! With surgery and makeup, we've fixed the grimace she died with, and she will bring a smile to any battlefield! I'll even throw in a sweet voice that can lure dragons, and an angry shriek that knocks them out! Requesting permission to test Aileen and the other four in battle!\n--Oliver Alcott, Dep. Director of Lab No. 8

Number 1385 Name Aileen
Rarity ***** Weapon Spear Element Light
Initial HP 750 Initial AT 1000 Initial RE 1700
Maximum HP ??? Maximum AT ??? Maximum RE ???
Maximum Lv ??? Maximum Exp 1253088
Party Skill Supremacy I: +50% enemy damage; ups chain ATK; greatly ups damage (Stack: N)
Limit Skill Strange Weapon: Panel attack, changes panels, hits enemy & full party HP. (Fill rate: A)
Evolution From
Evolution After 1386 Corpse Fighter Aileen
Evolution Cost 800

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