Story Edit

No life grew in that place located at the far end of the world. Like all who lived there, Myul was cursed. But he did not know, as he had been raised since birth by the Dirt Dragon. To Myul, all dirt was family. It was dirt that had taught him how to survive in this place. This was the reason why the dragon continued to hide from Myul the cruel nature of his affliction.

Unit Data Edit

Number 1381 Name Myul
Rarity ★★★★★ Weapon Sword Element Fire
Initial HP 2400 Initial AT 1550 Initial RE 800
Maximum HP 15269 Maximum AT 9861 Maximum RE 2597
Maximum Lv 50 Maximum Exp 1253087
Party Skill Supremacy I: +50% enemy damage; ups chain ATK; greatly ups damage (Stack: N)
Max Party Skill Supremacy II: +50% enemy damage; ups chain ATK; hugely ups damage (Stack: N)
Limit Skill Crusher: Panel attack, changes panels, hits enemy & full party HP. (Fill rate: A)

Level 1: Uses up all Hearts, converts them into damage.

Level 2: Changes all panels into current majority type (Must be 1 type)

Level 3: Launches attack of 600,000 ATK and fully restores party HP.

Evolution From None
Evolution After 1382 Myul, King of Dirt
Evolution Cost 800

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