Number 1260 Name Fuma, Steel Shadow
Rarity ****** Weapon Sword Element Dark
Initial HP 3150 Initial AT 2300 Initial RE 1200
Maximum HP 22730 Maximum AT 16596 Maximum RE 4220
Maximum Lv 80 Maximum Exp 4465125
Party Skill Panel Slash III: +1,500 ATK for party per diagonal link in attack chain. (Stack: N)
Limit Skill Ninja Spells: Panels become Swords, hits enemy, cuts its DEF. (Fill rate: B)

Lv1: Changes Heart panels into Swords. Lv2: Hit enemy with 300,000 ATK and cuts DEF by 50% Lv3: Change all panels into Swords and restores every panel used. (1 turn only)

Evolution From 1259 Fuma
Evolution After
Evolution Cost

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