Story Edit

The disciple of Babel was much faster than Tera had expected. She inspected the dual sword-wielding woman who stood before her. The more she studied her, the more her pulse began to race. The demon girl then licked her lips in a most vulgar way.

Obtainable Edit

Unit Data Edit

Number 1232 Name Tera the Demon
Rarity ★★★★★★ Weapon Sword Element Dark
Initial HP ??? Initial AT ??? Initial RE ???
Maximum HP ??? Maximum AT ??? Maximum RE 4572
Maximum Lv 80 Maximum Exp ???
Party Skill ???
Max Party Skill Lethal Hit Tera: Damage boost for Sword-Bow chains. (Stack: Y)
Max Active Skill Sword of Tera (Souls: 2): Changes Rod panels into Sword panels.
Evolution From
Evolution After
Evolution Cost

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