Story Edit

A talented archer who took over for Mikasa. Avoiding reckless confidence, she punishes the dragon that ravage her homeland. While this earns her a great deal of praise, it's taking her down a path she'd rather avoid.

Obtainable Edit

  • Fairly common drop in the Normal Crane Game

Unit Data Edit

Number 0116 Name Nagato
Rarity ★★★ Weapon Bow Element Dark
Initial HP 1150 Initial AT 800 Initial RE ???
Maximum HP Maximum AT Maximum RE
Maximum Lv 35 Maximum Exp
Party Skill None
Max Party Skill None
Active Skill Delirium II(Souls: 3): 8% chance of 999,999 damage.(0 if fail; Boss: N)
Evolution From
Evolution After 121 Nagato the Dark Shot
Evolution Cost
Poison Arrow: Nagato carries a jar with him everywhere. +100 HP & REC, Massive boost vs. Light enemies.

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