Story Edit

The leader of a troupe of archers from the east. She played a decisive role in defending her homeland from an ancient dragon. While still a powerful warrior, a recent battle wound has begun to trouble her.

Obtainable Edit

  • Fairly common drop in the Normal Crane Game
  • As a drop in Rare Zone: Puppet of the Gods (Medium)
  • As a drop in Rare Zone: Curseline (Medium)
    • Defeat a Light enemy

Status Edit

Number 0115 Name Mikasa
Rarity ★★★ Weapon Bow Element Light
Initial HP 1100 Initial AT 800 Initial RE 800
Maximum HP Maximum AT Maximum RE
Maximum Lv 35 Maximum Exp
Party Skill None
Active Skill Heal II(Souls: 3): Restore HP by about 50% REC
Evolution From None
Evolution After Mikasa the Sun Shot
Evolution Cost
Charm of Cleansing: Produced by the White Tiger Army. +100 HP & REC, Massive boost vs. Dark enemies.

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