Story Edit

Infiltrated destination. Confirmed the following: an old dragon who was once human; a cursed one drenched in the blood of death; an immortal sword master who detests blood; two werewolf sisters; and a baby dragon with no name. Over.

Obtainable Edit

Unit Data Edit

Number 1144 Name Rhinoss, Undying Curse
Rarity ★★★★★★ Weapon Sword Element Dark
Initial HP 3250 Initial AT 2250 Initial RE 1150
Maximum HP 23451 Maximum AT 16235 Maximum RE 4044
Maximum Lv 80 Maximum Exp ???
Party Skill Mighty Blade III: +40% Sword unit damage HP is full. (Stack: N)
Limit Skill Dark Absorption: Hits enemy, cuts its DEF, full party HP. (Fill rate: A)
Evolution From Rhinoss
Evolution After
Evolution Cost

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