History and TriviaEdit

Memories of a Fairy Inside the cocoon, I had a dream about the day Lady Aurelia fell into her sleep. As she closed her eyes, she told me how much she still loved her sister--but instead of regret, she showed only a gentle smile.

Unit Data Edit

Number 1127 Name Tinver
Rarity ***** Weapon Bow Element Non-elemental
Initial HP 1500 Initial AT 1200 Initial RE 1500
Maximum HP 7909 Maximum AT 6990 Maximum RE 7909
Maximum Lv 50 Maximum Exp ???
Party Skill Empty Shroud II: +2,000 HP & AT for Non-elemental units. (Stackable)
Max Party Skill Empty Shroud III: +3,000 HP & AT for Non-elemental units. (Stackable)
Panel Skill Soul Summon: Using 2+SP adds 6 Soul. (Stackable)
Max Panel Skill Soul Summon: Using 2+SP adds 6 Soul. (Stackable)
Evolution From Neutral Fairy
Evolution After None
Evolution Cost

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