Story Edit

The Four Knights, willed into being by the World Tree, were put in the care of Aurelia and El. They were the envy of all fairies, but only Riella knew that the secret of their blood would be their undoing lest they always prove their worth.

Obtainable Edit

Unit Data Edit

Number 1103 Name Riella the Shining Petal
Rarity ★★★★★★ Weapon Sword Element Light
Initial HP 2850 Initial AT 2350 Initial RE 1350
Maximum HP 20565 Maximum AT 16957 Maximum RE 4748
Maximum Lv 80 Maximum Exp ???
Party Skill Supremacy III: +50% enemy damage; ups chain ATK; massively ups damage (Stack: N)
Max Party Skill Supremacy V: +50% enemy damage; ups chain ATK; insanely ups damage (Stack: N)
Max Panel Skill Dance of Light: Using SP raises Light unit ATK for 5 turns. (Stack: Y)
Evolution From
Evolution After
Evolution Cost

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