Story Edit

Avia is the last of the bird dragons, found abandoned with the baby Nyte. Together they grew up, and now Avia guides Nyte on a hero's quest. With its high intellect and animal instincts, it leads the inexperienced Nyte and his companions.

Unit Data Edit

Number 1062 Name Avia
Rarity ★★★★★ Weapon Sword Element Water
Initial HP 210 Initial AT 1400 Initial RE 700
Maximum HP 13360 Maximum AT 8907 Maximum RE 2272
Maximum Lv 50 Maximum Exp 1253088
Party Skill SP Booster: Raises chance of Special Panel (if it isn't 0). (Stack: N)
Panel Skill Blade of Truth: 1 SP: Deals damage to enemy. 2 SP: All panels become Swords.
Evolution From
Evolution After 1063 Avia, False Bird
Evolution Cost

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