History and Trivia Edit

It was said that only the sword could defeat the archfiend, and now that it had lodged itself into Nyte's flesh, the two moved as one. As Nyte grew into a powerful warrior, the sword slowly took shape, awaiting the rebirth of the archfiend.

Unit Data Edit

Number 1055 Name Nyte the Warrior
Rarity ★★★★★★ Weapon Sword Element Fire
Initial HP ??? Initial AT ??? Initial RE ???
Maximum HP 22730 Maximum AT 16235 Maximum RE 4044
Maximum Lv 80 Maximum Exp ???
Party Skill ???
Max Party Skill Insane ATK boost for party with Light + Fire + Water (Stackable)
Panel Skill Using SP turns top 4 panels into Sword panels
Evolution From 1054 Nyte
Evolution After None
Evolution Cost None

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