History and TriviaEdit

Yuri Hojo dashed out of the house. She'd been late 3 days in a row; one more would put her in hot water for sure. As she rounded the corner, she bumped into something big and instinctively pulled out her weapon. There stood a Robo Dragon.

Unit DataEdit

Number 1033 Name Yuri Hojo
Rarity ★★★★★ Weapon Bow Element Light
Initial HP 1400 Initial AT 1200 Initial RE 1100
Maximum HP 6920 Maximum AT 6452 Maximum RE 5437
Maximum Lv 50 Maximum Exp
Party Skill Soul Hunt I: Offers a 5% chance that attacks will also acquire 1 soul. (Stack: N)
Limit Skill Shiny Arrow: Changes various panels into Bow panels (Fill rate: A)
Evolution From None
Evolution After Yuri Hojo, Golden Girl
Evolution Cost

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