History and TriviaEdit

In Zipang, there are men and women known as Blades whose duty is to protect the Emperor. The greatest of them is Kojiro, the woman who defeated the Sword God Musashi and is said to be the equal of the legend known as the Fire God--her master.

Unit DataEdit

Number 1019 Name Kojiro
Rarity ***** Weapon Sword Element Dark
Initial HP 2200 Initial AT 1350 Initial RE 650
Maximum HP 13997 Maximum AT 8589 Maximum RE 2110
Maximum Lv 50 Maximum Exp ???
Party Skill Quick Support: Increases the chance of a Preemptive Strike by 3%. (Stackable)
Limit Skill Time Delay: Allows user to deal damage with no turn loss. (Fill rate: B)
Evolution From None
Evolution After 1020 Kojiro, Black Blade
Evolution Cost 800

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