History and TriviaEdit

Born in the Empire, Livio was forced to leave the Imperial Army after being struck by a mysterious illness. He has since roamed the world looking for a cure. Recently, he has learned of a Hall of Forbidden Tomes where all knowledge is kept.

Unit DataEdit

Number 1004 Name Livio
Rarity ★★★★ Weapon Spear Element Dark
Initial HP 1500 Initial AT 1400 Initial RE 900
Maximum HP 4703 Maximum AT 8646 Maximum RE 3030
Maximum Lv 30 Maximum Exp 148,226
Party Skill Assault Support: Increases AT of all units in party by 10%. (Not stackable)
Limit Skill Brave Lancer I: Deals damage, ups Light unit AT, changes panels. (Fill rate: B)

Level 1: Launches a Dark attack with ATK of 30,000.
Level 2: +4,000 ATK to all Dark units in current battle. (Not stackable)
Level 3: Changes all but Heart panels into Spear panels.

Evolution From None
Evolution After Livio the Great One
Evolution Cost

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