Glen was born to a tribe of nomadic herders known as the Kamulina. After dragons destroyed his tribe, Glen decided to travel to the Capital and join the Royal Knights--not for revenge, but to stop similar tragedies from happening again.

Unit DataEdit

Number 1001 Name Glen
Rarity **** Weapon Sword Element Fire
Initial HP 1800 Initial AT 1200 Initial RE 900
Maximum HP 8663 Maximum AT 5775 Maximum RE 2446
Maximum Lv 30 Maximum Exp 207,517
Party Skill Life Support: Increases the party's Max HP by 12%. (Stackable)
Limit Skill Brave Knight I: Restores HP, ups Fire unit AT, changes panels. (Fill rate: B)

Level 1: Restores 10,000 HP.
Level 2: +4,000 ATK to all Fire units in current battle. (Not stackable)
Level 3: Changes all but Heart panels into Sword panels.

Evolution From None
Evolution After Glen, Swordsman
Evolution Cost 400

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