Story Edit

A young girl training diligently in the art of fire magic under the tutelage of Sage Rachael. The Dragon Pyromancy that Rachael sometimes shows her casts beautiful fire into the night sky, and Liselotte dreams of creating that same fire herself.

Obtainable Edit

  • As a drop in Sunday Area: True Light Voice (Medium)

Unit Data Edit

Number 0083 Name Liselotte
Rarity ★★ Weapon Rod Element Fire
Initial HP 700 Initial AT 500 Initial RE 950
Maximum HP 2536 Maximum AT 1082 Maximum RE 5065
Maximum Lv 25 Maximum Exp 52,519
Party Skill None
Active Skill Flame Attack I(Souls: 3): Launches a Fire attack of 5,000 ATK.
Max Active Skill Flame Attack II(Souls: 3): Launches a Fire attack of 10,000 ATK.
Evolution From None
Evolution After Liselotte Marls
Evolution Cost 100
Scarlet Gunpowder: An enhancer for the Flora Incendia spell. +1% REC, Notable boost vs. Water enemies.

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