Story Edit

A young huntress who lives in a secluded valley and flies through the sky with her dragon while being careful to avoid contact with others. Was saved by her dragon from a landslide when she was small, and they have been together ever since.

Obtainable Edit

  • Fairly common drop in the Normal Crane Game
  • As a drop in Sunday Area: True Light Voice (Hard)

Unit Data Edit

Number 0073 Name Raquel
Rarity ★★ Weapon Bow Element Fire
Initial HP 800 Initial AT 750 Initial RE 700
Maximum HP 2718 Maximum AT 2717 Maximum RE 2378
Maximum Lv 25 Maximum Exp 52,519
Party Skill None
Max Party Skill None
Active Skill Astral I(Souls: 3): Cuts current enemy HP by about 25%. (Boss: N)
Max Active Skill Astral II(Souls: 3): Cuts current enemy HP by about 30%. (Boss: N)
Evolution From None
Evolution After Raquel Marls
Evolution Cost
Helm of Fire: +1% HP & REC, Notable boost vs. Water enemies.

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