History and Trivia Edit

A proud warrior who has killed many dragons and sacrificed those above and below him without a second thought. His lack of emotions means he cares nothing for those who fall. He considers it to be the natural law of the world.

Unit Data Edit

Number 71 Name Edgar Schwarz
Rarity **** Weapon Spear Element Dark
Initial HP 650 Initial AT 1200 Initial RE 600
Maximum HP 2086 Maximum AT 7421 Maximum RE 2071
Maximum Lv 35 Maximum Exp 163.320
Party Skill Chain Suport: Increases AT slightly when changing panels. (Stackable)
Active Skill Darkness Cannon I (Souls: 2): Launches a dark attack of about 100% ATK.
Max Active Skill Darkness Cannon III (Souls: 2): Launches a dark attack of about 170% ATK.
Evolution From Edgar
Evolution After Vizali Hunter Edgar
Evolution Cost 480

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