Story Edit

His years of traveling for nothing, Burckhardt has yet to reach the Holy Kingdom. As he travels, defeating dragons along the way, the information he gathers reveals that he must meet the infamous witch Ideia in order to reach his destination.

Obtainable Edit

  • As a drop in Sunday Area: True Light Voice (Medium)

Unit Data Edit

Number 0050 Name Burckhardt Crest
Rarity ★★ Weapon Rod Element Light
Initial HP 700 Initial AT 400 Initial RE 850
Maximum HP 2728 Maximum AT 904 Maximum RE 4983
Maximum Lv 30 Maximum Exp 76,107
Party Skill Level acquired: 20
Max Party Skill Holy Guard: -10% damage from Light enemies. (Stack: N)
Active Skill Holy Force I (Souls: 2): Launches a Light attack of 6,000 ATK.
Max Active Skill Holy Force II(Souls: 3): Launches a Light attack of 12,000 ATK.
Evolution From Burckhardt
Evolution After Burckhardt, Golden Wizard
Evolution Cost 360

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