History and TriviaEdit

A youth who became involved in the fighting thanks to his childhood friend, Rabby. Very laidback, he would rather be napping in the village's apple orchard. Skilled with magic and a vital member of the group as the overall mood maker.

Obtainable Edit

  • As a drop in Rare Zone: Elegant Queen (Easy)
    • Defeat fire eneimes

Unit DataEdit

Number 0043 Name Carrol
Rarity Weapon Rod Element Fire
Initial HP 550 Initial AT 450 Initial RE 750
Maximum HP Maximum AT Maximum RE
Maximum Lv 15 Maximum Exp
Party Skill None
Active Skill Flame Attack I (Souls: 2): Launches a fire attack with ATK of 5,000.
Evolution From None
Evolution After Carrol Prana
Evolution Cost 120
Red Spell Book: A birthday gift from Anastasia. +300 REC, Notable boost vs. Water enemies.