A youth who leads Knight King Artorius's guards. One of the Three Musketeers, alongside Angelica and Aleksy, he now spends his days fighting dragons with the King. Though mighty power may come to threaten the people, Rolan uses his spear to protect them.

Obtainable Edit

  • As a drop in Sunday Area: True Light Voice (Hard)

Unit Data Edit

Number 0030 Name Rolan Crest
Rarity ★★ Weapon Spear Element Light
Initial HP 550 Initial AT 850 Initial RE 550
Maximum HP ??? Maximum AT ??? Maximum RE ???
Maximum Lv 30 Maximum Exp ???
Party Skill Level acquired: 20
Active Skill Holy Cannon I (Souls: 2): Launches a Light attack of about 100% ATK.
Evolution From Rolan
Evolution After Rolan the Golden Spear
Evolution Cost

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